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“Are you tired of not getting answers? Do you know something is "wrong" and are using "symptoms" to determine treatment. Take control of your health today! Get TESTED! Get RESULTS! As a Wholistic Kinesiologist I will test to determine exactly what areas within your entire person that need attention. You will get the answers you seek that enable you to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. All without drugs or costly surgery. Are you ready to Live Pain Free, Manage Stress, Live Life with Energy, Vitality, Peace, Joy, Contentment? Call or email me today to schedule a free consultation.

Elizabeth is certified in Kinesio© Taping & Body Work Techniques for relief of joint and muscle pain, traumas and injuries, back pain, repetitive stress injuries. Elizabeth works with and receives referrals from Personal Trainers, Athletic Directors, and Head Coaches along with other medical professionals who offer additional health alternatives to their clients.

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked then Wholistic Kinesiology is for you. Elizabeth is dedicated to self investment in physical, mental, spiritual, natural health and wellness. Achieved by working in the areas of your body's priorities using Body Work Techniques, Nutritional Supplementation, and Mind and Spirit connection.”



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